Our Mission

The Pompton Lakes Board of Education believes that in a complex world where change is so rapid, the schools responsibility is to supply pupils with the opportunity to develop the essential skills that will enable them to adapt successfully to the challenges of the future.

We believe that the purpose of our school is to educate young people and to provide for their physical and emotional development. We must create an environment that reinforces the value of self-discipline, tolerance, and citizenship. Our curriculum should stimulate intellectual curiosity, assist pupils in making career choices, develop an awareness of social and environmental responsibilities, and provide director for leisure activities.

Consequently, it is the expectation of Pompton Lakes Public Schools that all students achieve the New Jersey Core Curriculum contents standards at all grade levels.

We believe that a school's obligation goes beyond the dissemination of skills and knowledge. Our American heritage mandates the development of proper attitudes necessary for productive citizenship in a democracy. In order to implement such attitudes, we must stress the importance of such personal qualities as responsibility, self-esteem, and integrity.

In addition, we are responsible for producing a school environment that nurtures personal creativity and cultural appreciation. We realize that our school does not exist in a vacuum and cannot solely accomplish this philosophy. The community and the home must be actively involved in the positive development of our pupils. We, as educators, must continue to stress the importance of their contribution and cooperation.

We view our graduates as unfinished products. Rather, we strive to promote the idea that today, in our advanced technological age, education is a continuing life process. Active involvement in this process will assist our young people in the understanding